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Who we are and what we do: We are residents of St. Louis County, 55 years of age or older, who have come together to help each other use and understand computers and related technology.


Where we meet: All club meetings are held at the Daniel Boone Branch of the St. Louis County Library, 300 Clarkson Rd. Ellisville, MO.
Membership: Residents of St. Louis County who are 55 or older, who are interested in the club's goals and who pay the annual dues of $15.00 single membership, $20 for husband and wife.  
WANT TO JOIN? HERE'S HOW!  Please pick up an application at the general meeting or from any of the SIG leaders. When you receive your application you will be given instructions on how to deliver your check to the treasurer. Your check should be made payable to: WCORCC

Meetings: Our Special Interest Group (SIG) meetings and the General Meetings are held on Thursdays.  

Online Application for Membership or Renewal Form 

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